I have been making these stools since 1989.  They are made from native hickory saplings which are cut in the winter, when the sap is down.  To the non-woodsman, that means that the bark will stay tight.  Once the saplings are cut down, they are dried and treated to prevent "powder post" beetle infestation.  They are then cut to size, assembled, and finished with a hand-woven split bottom.

Here you see a pile of "potential stools" as they look when first cut.  The next step for these saplings is to be rough cut and dried.

Keep in mind that no two stools are alike.  Each Gotasuitu stool has its own knots, crooks, and turns, and is therefore original.  No one will have a stool exactly like yours, thanks to Mother Nature!  Size varies slightly, but I make two sized of stools, as follows:

Large Stool: Price: $60.00, 13.5" high,  17.5" long, 13.5" wide.
Small Stool: Price: $50.00, 10" high, 15" long, 11.5" wide. 

Dimensions vary slightly, as they too are dictated somewhat by Mother Nature.

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