Split Log Benches are a newer product for me, but I've still been making them for three years!  Made from Red Oak, these stools are cut, dried, and debarked with all hand tools.




Here you can see all of the tools used to make these stools: a Hueing rack, wedge, glut, hammer, ax, broad ax, and foot adze.




The legs are made of the same material as the bench, using a frow, mallet, broad ax, hatchet, draw knife, and spoke shave on a drawing horse.




Here you see a pile of rough-cut benches and finished legs waiting to be assembled into finished products.

Like the stools, the finished benches are all slightly different as determined by log diameter, grain, age, and conditions where the tree grew.

I sincerely hope you found the above at least interesting, maybe a little informative, and hopefully, you've decided you want one or more of my products for your own!

My products are all natural, and will wear well with no finish.  However, if you desire a custom finish or color, remember that our slogan is-- "It's Got-To-Suit-You" so custom color, size, design, shape and finish can be worked out via email if you desire!
Price: $150.00